St Canice's School

Religious Education
St. Canice’s School is committed to providing a holistic approach to learning and strives for excellence in education, encompassing Gospel Values in a Catholic environment

St. Canice’s School is an integrated Roman Catholic Primary School for boys and girls from New Entrants to Year 8. The school’s primary aim is to cater for the children of the Roman Catholic Community of Westport and to provide Education with a Special Character supported by the whole school and parish community. As a Catholic community we live and teach the values of Jesus Christ. These values are expressed in the scriptures and in the practices, worship and doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church.

A part of our Catholic Character we work to be the best we can in every aspect of life. Prayer is important to our daily life at school and active participation in church liturgies. The sacramental programme involves parents, school and parish.

Religious Education

This is teaching knowledge and understanding about matters of faith and religion. The programme teaches what the Catholic Church believes and teaches, understanding about how the Catholic Church celebrates, lives and prays and how people respond freely to God according to their gift of faith. There are eight Learning strands,

God – “the Father Almighty” Te Atua –Io Matua Kore

Jesus Christ – “his only Son, our Lord” – Hehu Karaiti

The Holy Spirit – “the Lord, the giver of life” – Te Wairua Tapu

Church – Community of Disciples – Te Whanau a Te Karaiti

Sacrament – Hakarameta

Communion of Saints – Te Kotahitanga o Te Hunga Tapu

Liturgical Year and Prayer

Sacramental Celebrations

Information about the strands is available from your child’s classroom teacher.