St Canice's School


St.Canice’s School Uniform Implementation Procedure

Children are ALL expected to wear the correct uniform as set out in the Schedule. All items are to be named, worn correctly when attending school, travelling to and from school, and when representing the school at functions or sporting events.

Junior Students may wear full P.E. uniform to school on days that their classroom teacher have requested when they have P.E. or outdoor active activities planned. Senior students must wear full school uniform to school every day and bring P.E. uniform to school to change into for P.E. lessons.

If students are participating in a school sporting event, they (Seniors and Juniors) may come to school in the relevant sports/P.E. uniform for the day.

Should a child need to wear non-school uniform items they need to follow these steps:

Bring a note from home explaining reasoning.

Present the note to the Teacher in Charge (TIC) of uniforms before school or at morning tea at the latest.

Carry the Uniform Pass issued by the Teacher in Charge on them for the remainder of the day.

The Teacher in Charge of Uniforms will keep a log book of children passes are issued to. Should he/she notice a pattern emerging with certain children, the TIC will make contact with the parents to see if there is any way the school can help to resolve the problem.


Only watches and plain ear studs or small plain sleepers are allowed. No other jewellery, adornment or other items of clothing are to be worn with school uniform.

Make up

No make-up is to be worn by school children wearing school uniform.


St. Canice’s School Uniform – March 2014

Jersey: Regulation navy wool jersey (Available at the School Office)
Pinafore Yr0-Yr6: Regulation tartan TRT 004 (Style 6128)
Skirt Yr7-Yr8: Regulation tartan (optional)
Shirt: White (short sleeved Style 715) (long sleeved 758)
Polo: White (short sleeved Style 6608) (long sleeved 6012)
Socks: Plain white (on or above ankles)
Tights: Navy
Sandals: Brown/Black
Shoes: Black – school style *
Sunhat: Navy printed Aussie Drill Hat compulsory T.1 & 4 (Avaliable at the School Office)
Polar Fleece: Navy, (Monogram – optional) *** (for outside wear only)

Jersey: Regulation navy wool (Available at School Office)
Shorts: Grey (school Style 6829 / drill Style 6772 / zip fly winter Style 6381)
Shirt: Grey (short sleeved Style 6721) (long sleeved Style 6144)
Polo: Dark Grey (short sleeved Style 6608) (long sleeved Style 6012)
Socks: Plain grey school socks.
Sandals: Brown/Black
Shoes: Black – school style *
Sunhat: Navy printed Aussie Drill Hat compulsory T.1 & 4 (Available at School Office)
Polar Fleece: Navy, (Monogram – optional)

Sports Uniform
Shorts/Cycle Pants: Navy (Style 33734)
T-shirt: Navy with St. Canice’s printed on back (Available at School Office)
Shoes: Suitable sports shoes
*Shoe-laces must be black;

School Tex – available online ( or at The Warehouse

If you are unsure of the style of shoe or sock, please see the office before purchasing.